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BChizzle wrote:

Xelgad wrote:

This is a bug which I cannot seem to reproduce. Please post or PM me your gear/adornments, exact advancement/character development spec along with what buffs you currently have active when seeing this situation. Also, please PM me your character name and server. Preferably all of the above.

Anyone else who is seeing the same issue with the threat positions can also contact me directly.

I think it is all monks.  It is just hidden openings and sneering assualt.  Our rescue, peel and provoking stance abilities still give positional snaps.  It is actually very useful even if it is unintended.

This.  I don't have a bruiser to test it on, but I heard they were experiencing the same mechanic change on Sneering and Staggering Blow.

Gotta say it's nice to have a dehate, even if it's on a long recast, in reckless.  Aggro can get crazy, esp when you are adorned with +hate gain, etc for when you are normally tanking.

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