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This update should occur around 7pm PST.





Fixed a bug where not all group members would be zoned to a battleground when clicking the accept button.




Dracurion Buckler of Defense again has block chance.

Fortified Drakizite-Studded Tunic of the Underdepths now has riposte chance.

Tempered Drakizite Cuirass of the Underdepths now has riposte chance.

Obsidian War Scimitar's proc Obsidian Shatterstorm no longer debuffs Crit Bonus on the mob, it now buffs the user.

Fierce Royal Sword is now correctly identified as a sword.




Purest of the Pure: Eireneith Alannia will forever be hailable at the dock in Qeynos Province District if on that part of the quest.

In the fae racial quest “A Rocky Beginning”, the completion of Freeport quests should no longer impair your ability to see the mysterious figure.

In the Quellious deity quest “The Gathering”, purchasing the items on the second step should properly update the quest. Additionally, the pie salesman formerly found in the Baubbleshire has taken up residence among the other refugees near the shire entrance.

Kaedrin Ironforge no longer reflects damage dealt to him by pets.

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