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There's a few issues with this PQ:

1. The location is terrible. Putting level 20 mobs in a level 8-10 quest area is simply a BAD IDEA. Either make this a level 10 PQ, move it to the farmlands by Thundering Steppes (or TO Thundering Steppes), or move it to a vacant spot in Antonica (like /way -384, -2, 358).

I was doing this on a level 90 Troubador (255 AA), with my Inquisitor mercenary, mentored down to level 25. My gear is mostly Legendary from Icy Keep and Sentinel's Fate era.

2. The third stage I got the task of killing 45 (!!) Elite Gnoll Lancers. These were the ^^^ heroic version. They had so much health that I did not kill a single one before I finally died about 3-4 minutes into this stage. Lower their HPs.

3. The final stage the task is to kill Overseer Kharth. I never saw Overseer Kharth; instead it was a single Elite Gnoll Lancer that was ^^^. Since it was only one, I managed to defeat it with about 1.5 minutes left on the timer. It *did* update the stage, but the mob was not named correctly. (screenshot here)

4. I'd love to loot my treasure chest and get my reward for spending 15+ minutes working on this PQ, but there is none. Thanks?

5. The farmers and guards very rarely assisted. The only time I saw two farmers and one guard assist was when a gnoll AoE happened to hit a few during stage 2.

6. My mercenary constantly has that quest feather showing that *he* is a quest update in this PQ area. Maybe I can loot him for my treasure? (screenshot here)

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