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Tekadeo wrote:

You guys are overblowing this junk way too much.  Monks are still the #1 choice for MT.  Bruiser is now tied for second maybe.  And brawlers are still probably the best overall DPS of the fighters.  I've seen some SKs do crazy parses but they just have more burst (via timewarp + Harm Touch).

(( Wrong.

You are AGAIN talking about ultra-high-end-HARDMODE raiding situations, affecting 0.1% of the playerbase (yes I *KNOW* that that number is made up, but you do get the point, as I keep making it).

For the rest of us, Monks are NOT the MAIN CHOICE for anything.

SKs remain the absolute strongest choice for Heroic groups. They also remain the most commonly chosen option for casual raids and pick up raids.

You can keep ignoring that, but that is what actually matters to 99% of the playerbase.

So keep spouting LIES about monks (or brawlers) being actively sought by the playerbase for small groups, groups, pick up raids, semi-open and alliance raids, and casual guild raidforces, and I will keep pointing out that such statements are still LIES.

It may not matter to you. But it matters to the rest of us ))

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