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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

10AA for 15 seconds and an extra trigger is absolutely worthless, just take this line out of the Heroic tree and add something else in, since we are taking the most abuse with these changes getting anything is better than the now worthless AA to tenacity.

Just make the original Tenacity last 60 seconds with 2 triggers and change the Heroic Tree to anything else, the cumalitive effect of all the changes will effect Brawlers enough allready.

Or make the AA on Tenacity have some impact on the Ability because your current change is a bit overkill.

There has to be better options than what was decided on that AA, put a little thought into it because obviously the initial changes didnt involve any.

10 AA Points for Enhance: Cry of the Warrior to give it threat is worthless, because mobs are immune to it, AND its a force target.

10 AA Points for Enhance: Experienced Insight is worthless, because it caps my strikethrough/accuracy, adding 2% More Accuracy/a little more threat is worthless, because its such a short duration ability and the threat is so high anyways its just not worth it.

Make Enhance: Experienced Insight instead lower the base reuse by 6 seconds per AA, and Raise its Duration by 1, and then add the end effect to it.

Make Enhance: Cry of the Warrior, every time you use it instead post a whining post on the forums, explaining how badly the warrior tree needs revamped, the more aa's you put into it, the more descriptive it is.

(These AA's are in the same line yours are.)

Go make your own post about your class, you have displayed a very low knowlegde of this game and the mechanics on numerous posts. Instead of derailing my thread with my concerns about my class go somewhere and post your concerns about your class.

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