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Bruener wrote:

BChizzle wrote:

Im still lulzing waiting for the all encompassing fighter nerfs Bruener has been crying about for years.  Thank God the devs have enough sense not to listen to you guys.

Lets see 3 major issues I said needed to be addressed.

1. Fighter DPS

2. Fighter Heals not scaling

3. Strike through on saves

And I guess you missed in the webcast at about the 11:50 mark where he specifically mentions some class balance fixes too.

Lulz'ing a lot?

TBH I'm usually against Bruenor's ravings but I see you guys go 'round a LOT, and this is him owning you right here.  Not that it's his own original idea, most fighters would agree we all needed this.  I would say we also need more on our Defensive stance (additional hate bonus, about 100% to taunts, and uncapped hate) but idk.

SK's are dam near T1 DPS as it stands so idk how this is going to work with Reckless up.

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