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Corydonn wrote:

Yonaton wrote:

And why are there have only been brawlers so hip to defend it,if it's not something messed up? Can you tell me that Kastuzo?

I can do the same if not more damage with taunts on my tank specced brigand. I don't think having Wild Beating or Beatdown AA with a taunt component would actually help much or at all since the range on these abilities are so short you are lucky to hit a single target with them.

I don't doubt you can match or exceed the dmg on a brig Cory. And I've noticed the swear line + averted eyes proc showing up more. My only thing is it doesn't affect half a target encounter,it also doesn't have the duration. I understand it's a broken thing,wild beating not working. But it's not game breaking. I've been in BG's with you,and seen you top the dmg over high end t1 dps classes,simply on survivability. Admirable,and kudos to you man.

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