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The fundamental point everyone is missing is that the Shield Factor of Tower Shields is still higher than Kite Shields.  Thus, even if the base block rate is the same between the two, Tower Shields will still be better.  The differences in the classes are on the order of ~1%, not much.

Actually, right now, the Block Rate % = Shield Factor / Level.  Im not sure where the base rate cues in.

Furthermore, every tank is supposed to be able to handle the job as main tank, not just guardians.  Im sorry, this isnt EQ1.


uh, BS?  shield factor and block rate are the same thing, as you said, contradicting your own stement that they are different.  If the block rate is equivalent, so is the shield factor.  why cant people get this? they've said this before.  shield factor is how the shield scales upward, the block rate is the representation of the shield factor vs. a even con mob of, I guess, heroic difficulty.  its easier to say that the base chance to avoid is 20% than to say tier 4 towers are now 900, tier 5 towers are now 1600, etc.  now the base chance to avoid for all kites and towers is 20% against an even con mob, and will rise based on the quality of the shield.  which means they scaled the shield factor up on them all.  block rate is the sum of an equation factoring in the shield rate, it isn't a simple number thrown into the system.

those who perpetuate and agree with your statement, in that the shield factor and block rate are somehow not correspondent and that towers will still be superior, only show their lack of knowledge on the subject....such as those concurring with your post, and should henceforth [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot].

there IS a hitch.  you see, they MIGHT scale differently upward.  but that hasn't been stated.  as far as we know both the base chance and scalability is the same.  again I am angered at the lack of proper information being given.  [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] "being tested".  gallenite was all flowers and love when he explained downtiering and we get jack [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] when this is also a massive change to the game.

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The "shield factor" isn't the same.  It used to be "AC."  While a kite and a tower may now have the same block %,  the mitigation added from a tower will still be higher from that of a kite. 

TowerA - Shield factor 500 - block 20% , KiteA - Shield factor 400 - block 20%.  You'll still have a higher mitigation number.

Shields bring 2 things to the table.  A block % and a mitigation bonus.  Besides,  the block % is part of avoidance while the shield factor of a shield goes towards mitigation.  Make sense ?


Hrm the only thing that a shield does when i equip it is increase the avoidance nothing  added to the mitigation. you need to start making sense

Last time I checked it affected both.  I'll try it again next time I log in. 


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