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Ibishi... Seriously bro, calm down, take a step back. The bottom line is that Kite Shields will have a lower Shield Factor than Tower Shields.  Thus, they will not block as well as Tower Shields. End of story Now, if you think the increased aggro generation, better defensive buffs, Tower Shield, larger weapon selection and items available in the ranged slots for stats are not as good as a Ward (thats minimal effectiveness for a Plate wearer) and a Heal... reroll.  Thats how classes are different, but can handle the same role. No, Guardians were NOT designed to be the "best" tank in the game.  Sony specifically designed AGAINST that concept.  Each fighter class was designed to handle themselves as a tank in different means.  Thats exactly what was done here.  One is not supposed to be necessarily better than others.  Rather, the classes are designed to be different, but with equivalent effectiveness. Again, this is not EQ1.   If you think Guardians are supposed to be the give all, end all of tanks... youre wrong.  There isnt much else to say there. W
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