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You can claim a lot of stuff in the name of balance but no way in hell is a tower shield the same as a kite shield, sorry.
No way. It's as simple as that. Wake up....

go on a middle age melee show and ask them if you can use a tower and a kite shield and you will notice THEY ARE THE SAME. the "big barn door" does NOT provide any more protection in melee combat then a kite shield, more then that, it cuts your attack skills by about 80%. The only additional protection a tower shield gives you over a kite is vs projectiles (especialy named: arrows - no tower shield is strong enough to hold a bolt). From own expeerience I would say, your defense with a kite shield is much higher then tower.
and now please stop [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]ing about reality. a) its very realistic as it stands now b) if you want it realistic, they would have to fix even more things and I bet noone would be fine with that.
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