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So I am a first time beta tester and was explained about the Beta copying process of characters. After doing so, I got on the next day to check it out. Everything was fine, completed the first part of the sig questline no problem. A few days later i decide to quest some more and it says my inventory is overflowing (and all of my backpacks were full). It was all items from my bank/shared bank on the live Maj'Dul server.

Problem: Everytime i delete those items in my backpacks to make room for shiny collectibles, etc. It denies looting still saying my backpack is overflowing. So i started deleting items directly from the inventory overflow and it seems as though once I delete them they are not being destroyed but rather returning to my overflow.

I am now on the Underdepth Saga questline in the first advanced solo area where i need to craft an item to proceed, however i cannot craft it because my inventory is continuously overflowing no matter what i do. I've completed several other quests at this point and do not want to start over after putting so much effort into this!

Is anyone else having this issue / are the devs working on it? I haven't noticed any recent posts regarding this...

Thank you <3 Malakyae of Maj'Dul
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