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I've been playing EQ2 since it was in beta. I played EQ1 when it originally launched.

I've tried many other games. Their communities scared me off quicker than I could give the game a chance...

The only game I've found with what I think to be the best community of players? Is honestly when I tried out Vanguard a few months ago. They were all super nice and helpful in public channels when that game released, and when I went to try to play again a few months ago, It felt like there was even MORE super nice, awesome, helpful people then there was before in that game.

But then again, the population is super low there... seriously though... the few months I played I never ran into a single person that had a bad attitude, or was rude, or wasn't helpful. Everyone there is super awesome! (and so are the GM's!!! they are super quick at answering petitions, and helping you, and they even chit chat some and make you feel good SMILEY )   


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