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Zarador wrote:

Short of a small percentage of players that will only engage in LoN, the majority of players spending that additional money are interested in gaining what they perceive to be a benefit in the "core game" of Everquest II.  The more revenue gained by SoE, the more interest they hold in keeping the game going.

But, without the resources to keep the game viable, how do they intend to keep the game going?

[email protected] wrote:

I don't want to put words in his mouth, but Dasein at least has disputed the notion that Station Cash is useless without EQ2, because it's not just applying to EQ2: it's something you can buy in Vanguard, & use in Free Realms. That's why it's called "Station Cash", not "EQ2 Cash."

The idea is to get more people getting Station Access passes, because not only can they play a whole bunch of games with one subscription fee, the Station Cash marketplace is also linked to all of those games, & from there, hopefully someone who spent a bunch of money on Station Cash in one game, might want to check out one of the others as well.

It seems to be a round-about, convoluted way to attract more players to the entire brand, rather than just one game. This may not be relevant or important to any individual EQ2 player, but to SOE, it's a subtly important change. Whether any of this "works" or not, it's simply not true to argue that Station Cash is useless without EQ2.

LoN also appears in EQ1, so it's not entirely useless without EQ2 either.

Which of these games is the premiere SoE game at present? And how long do you think the rest of the infrastructure lasts when the flagship game drops down to a nominal population?

The key to my side of the argument is that these peripherals end up draining resources that were better spent maintaining the core of the game. The fact that they are given resources at all, I think, really underlines the fact that the core games are failing from a business sense and that SoE felt that giving priority to a band-aid solution was the way to go.

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