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Don't choose a character with the drop down menu in the launcher, just hit the play button and let it load to the character selection screen. If that doesn't pop up but your only option is to create a lvl 1 or a heroci lvl 95 char, then your character copy hasn't gone through yet. You're always free to make a new char since the character slots on beta don't count against your normal char slots limit.
I started copying a char of mine right after preordering about 14 hrs ago and my char isn't available yet. Am holding back on trying to recopy cause Kander yesterday said during the stream that would just push the char back at the end of the queue. And according to what was said on Discord yesterday there are known issues with the copying on top of that.

Caith - Yesterday at 5:20 PM
We're looking at the issues with beta copies, the pipeline that the copies go through changed entirely in the last several months due an update that was controlled by another department

Hope that helps.
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