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Thing is yeh we could spec down left side and miss out on eternal damnation and do ok on single target. But the inherently more single target based wizard can get nearly the same benefit by doing the exact same thing.

I'm going to be that token warlock who keeps playing one because he's too lazy/bad to betray to wizard and I'm going to have a double conversion spec for aoe fights while my guild can't kill the adds in 5 seconds and a left side spec for all the other fights if it lasts as is.

Gift being maintained would give everybody an extra second every 45s would help. Mythical buff converting to blue targeted aoe so we don't have to click it on and off would be great too but even it being instant cast/recovery would help some.

But really it's a sad day, we were up to par with the plaguebringer changes in DoV, we got a bit of an advantage with the GU60 focused casting and then eternal damnation matched eci's in my opinion. But this just pushes us back to only truely being worth taking over a summoner/wiz on fights with lots of green linked adds. I'm hoping that there are some in the new expac that we didn't kill (leaves 2-4 portal drinal, final named ST, HM final and imp in altar) and feel good knowing that there's still some left on the mobs in PoW that my guild hasn't killed.

Though I don't believe that this will be solved now, hopefully somthing can be done next GU or next expac.

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