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The middle endline still doesnt feel like an endline should to me, but over all I dont think the left side is a bad option given the content is so single target based in raids.

I realize most warlocks always want to see themselves as the dominate force when it comes to aoe fights so its hard for most people to look at something that is geared toward a single target spec. But what good is it really to have every tool in the world for aoe dps when the content doesnt contain many AoE fights?

When I look at the bottom right side all I see is aids, I really hate the idea that to gain any real benefit you have to get to 60 increments of the proc which takes more than a minute if not 2 at times, and once you are there you can either maintain it(assuming your raid moves quickly) for the nice casting speed on apoc/rift or you can choose to blow it all on a one shot spell to just start over again.

The left side however actually gives you some utility with the 18% to beneficial duration, pretty much perma 33% pot, and better cast times on apoc and distortion. Not to mention the flames upgrade up top is a pretty amazing spell once the mob starts losing health as well as getting pot instead of CB in the conversion.

Last night running around solo I could get myself over 500% pot with sanguine, the voided proc, and a few gear procs up. I also like the 1min 11sec sanguine and 11.8 FC before you add the troub buff.

I hate giving up void damnation as much as the next person, but if the only thing that I and ever going to use it on is adds that are alive for 5 seconds, whats the point?

All I am saying is look at single target potential. I don't know what kind of specs you guys are trying out, but going down the left I certainly dont parse like a T2.

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