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* These notes should already be on beta

Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants [Both Heroic Versions]
  • Adjusted boss health to be more appropriate amounts for the content
  • Greenmist quest lines - many updates have been made group updates.
  • Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Resolved - Damaging the Epic x4 quest mob in Vaedenmoor is now possible.
  • Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Resolved - Portal to exit Vaedenmoor has been adjusted.
  • The public quest, "Long Live the Emperor!" associated with the Signature quest, "Kunark Ascending: Resurrection Machination," now resets properly if it fails to complete.
  • Aggro NPCs in the tradeskill quest version of Arcanna'se spire are back and will once again mercilessly stomp careless tradeskillers!
  • Oliver the tradeskill beta buffer will now REALLY offer you "Search and Rescue" if you have finished "Scrying Eyes" but deleted the quest starter.
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