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I actually think that this change would be better in all honesty...the game was more successful when raiders had the better gear and pvpers relied on more skill to win. If a player with better gear beats me even though I out-think and out-maneuver him, that doesn't bother me AT ALL. The old days were the best and I hope that we can go back to them. I like the fact that other parts of the game become more involved in PvP.

I just do hope that while this does happen, there remains some sort of significant incentive to play on Nagafen. I am hoping that there can be some changes that makes things "easier" to be on our server rather than others. Regardless, I am fine with this. If a blue player rolls me in a BG that is great, because from the standpoint I am at, I hope that they make Battlegrounds such a terribly low method of token/exp/whatever gain that it makes no sense for anyone to ever queue up.
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