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Kela wrote:

Agedi wrote:

I cannot express how much this decision to mail the passes to us upsets me.  Not so much the actual mailing of it, but the time in which they decided to do so.  This is a decision that should have been made prior to opening up registration and also given the registrants a choice in the matter at the time of registration.

 I agree having the option of mailing them or not would have been nice, but I think this desision or maybe the whole idea of mailing them didn't come up until after registration started, in that case I think the "Op out" option was the best. Though more notice, and FAR MORE promonant notice of that options availablity would have been a very good thing

The "Opt out" option was still not a good excuse, in my opinion.  The best choice still would have been to not do the mailing and stick to the original plan.  They obviously already had enough staff scheduled for a separate PP line as it was the original idea.  In my experience, changing plans midstream of large events is never a good idea for all parties involved.

I have been vacation with my family and was unable to check my emails until a few days ago.  I am not going to be going home before heading to Vegas for the FF, so because this decision was essentially made for me, and notification of such a decision was given so late, I am left with having to have a stickered name badge.  I've contacted my neighbor whom has been watching our house and checking our mail and she says my name badge has not even arrived there as of today.

 Your post was on the 26th wich was monday, I don't know what post office where you live is like but generally it takes more then 1 mailing day to get something shipped to you in the mail. It was only shipped out last friday afternoon at the earliest, because that was the cut-off for getting them a message that you didn't want them shipped. It usually takes between 3 to 5 days to ship crosscountry so that is why it likly isn't there yet. As for the sticker badge, if you appy the sticker right(and they print them) the only way people would really be able to tell the differance is if they accually held it in thier hands. Because the stickers they use are the same size as the white space used where they print your badge in the first place.

My house is in California, so generally mail from within the state is delivered in a day or two.  I also posted on the same day I got word of the mailing plan - which obviously was well past the "cut-off" date for notification.  This again brings up my original point of making this decision so late after registration and there not being the option at the time of registration.  Had I not needed to go into town to get a refill on my son's seizure meds during our camping trip, I'd not have received the text from my friend telling me about it until Aug. 4th.  Now, because of this situation I am having to leave the campground daily so I can try to rectify this situation that should never have happened in the first place.  Thankfully Ashlanne is an awesome employee and has been trying to work through this with me - but neither she or myself should have been put into this dilemma.

I'm very displeased with how this is being handled in general and don't understand why they couldn't even be bothered to make two copies of just the platinum badges just to cover all bases - we paid enough extra to at least cover any additional cost of such.

You do know it costs a fortune to create Pre-printed lainated badges right? It also would be a HUGE was of paper, laminating material and ink, because the vaste majority of people will be getting thier Plat badges before they arrive.

You do know they are making a sizable profit from the registration fees, right?  I am sure there is more than enough overhead to provide this small and simple resolution to their snafu - it's also really the right thing to do.  If they weren't willing to "waste" the extra paper, laminating material and ink, they should have stuck with the original, advertised plan.  Now if you don't mind, I'm not intending to come back on here as I am putting all my trust into Ashlanne to get things fixed for me so I can enjoy what little time is left on my family camping trip with my wife and children.


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