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Ulrichvon wrote:

TBH, I was also looking forward to doing the loot off 3-4 kills at a time, rather than doing each one as you go.

Also, you say what this feature was for like you actually had some reason to think that is the reason.  Where was this direct knowledge obtained?  Or are you just infering as well?

If you did that: I think your Templar's head would explode seeings how he can't deal with the 2 or 3 pices from a single chest in stride.

And the inference that this 'system' was put in place, in an 8+ year old game, where these actions happen to players far less than one time in a six month span, is nieve and arguementive.  Nobody (programmer) is going to be such an elaborate 'system', in the middle of an expansion dev cycle on a skeletal staff, to fix an issue which is so incredibly rare.  Not only that, but THEY ALREADY FIXED most of those isses when they change the code to warp / summon the chest to the feet of the player getting the killing blow or leader or however that crazy NEW mechanic works rather than the old way where the chest dropped at the position where the mob was killed.

My Guess, since noone from SOE has bothered to tell us differently, is this was intented to be able to /summon chests from across zones due to raiding deaths like the OP hoped, but one of the Dev's couldn't figure out how to make the range work with the variable zone sizes so they made it a static 20m and called it something else.  Fail!

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