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Mermut wrote:

The feature was to fix chests you could reach because they dropped in an out of range zone.  It's to make sure people get the loot they've earned.

It does exactly what it was designed to do. I don't see how it is 'fail' in any sense.

Why the needed interface to choose a chest if more than one exists?

Seems it could just summon the nearest chest if it was only to resolve chests in walls.  Being that you can quickly summon the nearest, empty it, and summon the next one in range.

TBH, I was also looking forward to doing the loot off 3-4 kills at a time, rather than doing each one as you go.

Also, you say what this feature was for like you actually had some reason to think that is the reason.  Where was this direct knowledge obtained?  Or are you just infering as well?

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