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First off, when I read this was comming into game I was super thrilled.  Let me explain why.

We kill a named, and we immediately keep on pulling.  I'm MT and Loot Officer, so I'm pulling new mobs, charging down hallways, and taking bids on loot of what we just killed while we kill more stuff.

What happens is, sometimes there is templar loot in the chest we just opened, and my templar instead of following along and healing me while I pull more mobs is instead checking out how that new hat looks in his appearance window before he bids on the new piece of gear.

Net result, occasionally I die with a loot window open and not all loot assigned.   When this happens, I have to truck back to the chest. re-open the loot window, sprint back to raid, and pick up where I left off.

I saw the new /summon chest feature and was all, ZOMG, How nice!  I can now just pull that chest to me and resume loot distribution as soon as I'm rezed!  Thats farking awesome sauce.

I particularly assumed that this would be the case, since if there was more than one chest available to summon it would let me pick which one.

A Swing and A Miss!

Well, ends up, the summon command only works if I'm pretty much already in range of the chest.  So yeah if I'm 10 meters away, /summon and it comes to me.  However if your 30 meters away, no go.  If your 150 meters away down the next hallway clearing your 3rd set of trash, no farking way you can summon the chest.

So, it sounded like an awesome idea, but the implementation is really only useful for getting chests out of walls.

Maybe thats all the fix was designed to do, but it had so much more potential =/

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