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Just going off what I can see here (just getting on beta server now) It sounds like once again Sony has forgotten that Intercepts died off during KoS because of damage scaling. Now to even cast Intercept III I have to have Tower of Stone running I use it as an offtank to essentially DI the MT when I am not in that position. Reduction already gets capped in raids or near to it from our healers so what exactly is this prestige pack supposed to give us?

I would rather see group DMG reduction or something to actually buff our damage for going full defensive. Offense spec'd Guardians are dead Guardians as our already low DPS doesn't get increased marginally enough for the ammount of protection we lose. Hell I don't use any of the current Offense Prestieges with the exception of the Commanders Charge dmg-proc because it helps my group. Guardians are supposed to protect their group at all costs but giving us a move to very quickly 1 shot ourselves is very counter productive to that in todays Raid content where 1 AE one shots us without a stoneskin.

I probably will post again once I get some testing done.

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