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I really don't know why people have such a problem with the already old thread issue with mercs here while over at EQ 1 it is expressly allowed.

People still sitting in eq1 after all these years obviously have no issue taking their time to complete whatever they need to, hell, some of the nameds have week long spawn times. (most)People in eq2 have much lower patience and do not wish to take 4-8 months to lvl a single toon to 92. Power leveling has been a part of this game for years now, to remove it(at this point) would do far more harm than good. You can't force people that have grown so accustomed to solo play to start stringing together groups of lvl 20s to lvl again like we were back in jolly old 2006. There simply isnt enough people lvling toons from scratch these days, PLing is required to keep people's interest in leveling new toons at all, and if they removed that element of the game or made it a total pain to do so, I for one would quit leveling new toons and probably eventually stop playing alltogether(no new toons, no new interest, period.

Quoting me and then talking about something that has nothing to do with the quote makes no sense.

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I am also curious, exactly what does SOE mean when they say that the grouping XP penalty is being removed?Considering this is the same SOE who thought that we were already getting a "bonus" when grouping, I desire actual details, over vague one-liners. I am likely to view things differently (as a player of EQ2), compared to a member of the SOE team that is looking at a "spreadsheet", because I factor things like mob density, kill rates, respawn rates, transport speeds, etc.

In EQ 1 there is a group exp bonus after a certain amount of people are in the group with an increasing % for each person up to a certain number of people.

EQ II doesn't have this bonus, so the more you add, the less xp people get.

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