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Mount menu has i think infinite space, so you can have as many mount you can/want (never heard anyone reaching the limit if there is one) but you cant have as many Appearance item we want.

I have several chest that i dont want to unpack because i know i will have to throw them because of lack of space even in bank.

Dont you think it would be nice to be able to stack those semi-worthless item without limits ? (by semi-worthless i mean they do not bring any advantage in the game beside looking good-über-idiotic )

This would be either through menu or thru an infinite space chest. After all, if you can summon 10 rhinos, 10 horses, and a few griffons, i'm pretty sure it's not too hard to find some rooms for a few robes.

I think it should be awesome if we could even have some artisan recipe or some vendor to transform (definitively of course to prevent exploit) a piece of equipement to Appearance.

I'm pretty sure this kind of topic has allready been made but i'm not sure it was brought to the attention of a developper.

You can have 20 mounts in that tab I believe, not more. Tested that when they offered temporary flying mounts a while back.

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