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Having played both in groups/raids, my observation is that Dirges are a lot more active than Troubadors.Most of that comes from their ability to resurrect fallen allies and heal/prevent damage though.

As far as temporary abilities go:Dirges can throw out a heal, through AA they can put a 3 trigger damage absorption on an ally under 50% health, they can remove resurrection sickness ( along with other control effects through AA ), they can resurrect both single target and group ( 100% health and power through AA ), and also get a nice healer buff ( Gravitas ), plus their temporary buff, Cacophony of Blades, which grants raidwide attack speed and a damage proc.Troubadors can buff ability reuse speed with Jester’s Cap ( along with casting and recovery through AA ), they can feed an ally power, their raidwide Perfection of the Maestro increases INT and grants a spell damage proc, through AA they also can give a raid/group a 25% chance to proc elemental/arcane cure when damaged with that type of spell ( when running their resist buffs ).

Both get excellent “until cancelled” buffs that are great for their respective groups.  The temporary buffs Gravitas and Jester’s Cap both have immunities, which means that you will have to keep track of who gets it and have a rotation.

Both get similar encounter based debuffs, with Dirges debuffing more mitigation and Troubadors debuffing more combat skills.

Overall I think Dirges tend to be a lot more flexible as far as group mates go, and Troubadors really need some dev loving.

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