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  In my many years of experience dating back to the Original Everquest, there's still one journey I have yet to venture upon...  Creating a "buffs" toon.

  I figured I would call upon our experienced community to help me decide on the next class of toon to create.  I would like the class to have all (or most) of the traits listed below.  As I'm sure several class options exist, such as why I'm asking here on which is best:

1.) The most overall buffs to apply to a group that would be beneficial to most classes in the game.

2.) To include "Until Cancelled" Buffs mainly.  I hate needing to keep track of spells that are only for specific durations of time.

3.) A class that isn't a "paper-bag"

4.) A class that's at least moderately enjoyable to play.  Although, I'd prefer very enjoyable.

Based on what I *think* I know...  I've come down to Troubador or Dirge being a selection.

But again, I'm not experienced with these types of toons and so I could be completely wrong. 

What do you all think I should go with?

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