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leveling a brigand is fast and fun, and untill you have oh, 230 aa? every single one of them aa will be making a huge visible difference to your dps and game. once you hit this area, aa points seem to need 4 or 5 ranks etc to make a visible difference to your parse.

i suggest you work the first "rogue" page first, you want to have certain skills unlocked earlier so you can hotbar them and get used to using them.

you should unlock torp stike, walk the plank and boot dagger first.

then aim for sailwind. after that - look to get traumatic swipe. raider brigs tend to ignore the int line, i have one point in it, for boot dagger, =D unless you like to feign to avoid aes, theres generally no reason to put a lot of points there except that one point in boot dagger to stealth before you cast rob.

if you play your slider up and down as things get hard/easy - you ought to have 70 or more aa points by the time you hit lvl 50.

macro wise, i would try to get used to not using them. better to have ten hotbars or more... we rely on positionals so much more than other scouts. even swashys flank more than us, while we must have back. if you used a macro that stealthed via boot dagger then cast rob, for example, you could end up waitn on a timer to use that macro again if the [Removed for Content] mob back moves... the only macros most brigs i know use are "ive dispatched" and "ive ae dispatched".  and casting "self stealth" in the middle of combat is a pure waste of time and possibly miss a valuable autoattack.

speaking of autoattack, yeah use 2 combat arts and wait, then use two more. or one long timer art then wait. like aoe barroom negotiation takes teh time of two red ca. as a brig or swashy you need to autoattack, its almost half of our potential dps, and a player who times attacks will always outparse the brig player who spams like hes a zerker, =P.

especially at 90 when your double attack is 100% solo, and your weaps crit 100% and proc poisons and items and gear, you just gotta learn to time arts.

some may disagree, but this is how id spend the first 70 points you earn :[email protected]

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