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I don't use an AA calculator, so I can't help there.


Sliders?  Hmm...  Well that's a very mixed bag subject.  I personally almost never use the slider unless I'm at the level cap on a character.  If I'm around levels 12-20 and just leveling too fast for my skill increases to keep up, then I'll switch the slider to 100% conversion to temporarily level lock myself.  (You'll usually find out the hard way that your skills are behind when you can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn.)  Otherwise I usually level the slider at 0%.  The one exception is when I run a dungeon, where I set the slider at 100%.  (In addition to this, I usually only run dungeons for the 1st time when I'm 30+ levels above the targeted level.  About a year ago, SOE added a +% AA bonus for mentoring down.  If memory serves correctly, the max bonus is at a -50 level difference and provides a bonus +250% AA.)

However a lot of people say that they set their slider at around 30% conversion.  While I'm personally satisfied to have around 100 AA by 70th level, a lot of people are looking to have closer to 120-140 AA by 70th level these days.  If people really aren't looking to hit the end game scene any time soon, they can even set the conversion rate at around 50%.

Though I will use the slider at 100% to level lock myself at certain points in time.  If I've got a handful of green quests which I'm about to gray out, then I'll AA lock myself.  The same principle also applies towards hunting down over land named mobs while they're still green.  It's much easier to hunt zones for nameds when you're already there questing.  Having to mentor / chrono down later on and return to these zones can be annoying since you're very dependent on random chance for their spawn cycles.


Your macro will work if you only hit it once.  Every macro can que up to x2 CA without a problem.  The 1st CA would put you into stealth, then it would automatically cast the 2nd CA to use your stealth attack.  However if you hit the macro a 2nd time before the casting chain finishes, then you'll restart the macro.  Your macro casts stealth while already being stealthed, which cancels your current stealth buff.  Then your stealth attack fizzles since it can't be used.  (So just hit the button once and be patient.  Let the macro take care of itself.)

Another easy macro to use works with Boot Dagger.  By spending 1 AA in the Intelligence line, you can access to a rear/side attack when also places you into stealth.  Then your macro can fire off a stealth attack as the secondary function.


I assume that you're using EQ2 Maps.  If not, then please download it.  Refusing to use it is just foolish and far more trouble than it's worth.

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