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Banditman wrote:

It's good data, but something I think we all pretty much accepted, at least I *hope* we all accepted it.  However, you touched on something important, VITAL even that really needs to be addressed.

As you demonstrated, mobs don't necessarily start out at some 'base' level of DPS and Haste.  They can be buffed.

Way back in the day, this didn't happen.  When I first did some calculations like this, back in 2004, mobs were simply sitting at 0 DPS, 0 Haste.  So, when you debuffed them, the effect "worked" the way you would expect it to.  Exactly.  Every time.  You could calculate exactly what the effect of the debuff was going to be.

Now, mobs come at you "pre buffed" in such a way that you can't simply dispel their buff, and your debuff doesn't necessarily yield what you think it will yield.  In fact, it almost NEVER yields what you think it will.

Unfortunately, we can't see those buffs, or know what they are.  For instance, you could have a mob with some inate (ie, hidden) buff to it's DPS mod, that puts it WAY over the cap.  Let's say you have a mob with a DPS mod of 400.  You could throw Lamenting and Umbral Trap at this mob ALL DAY and have ZERO impact on it's DPS.  And you'd have no way of knowing!

Or, you could have a mob that has a DPS mod of 200 - right at the cap.  Throwing LS and UT at this mob, you'd drop him to 143 or so.  It would barely make a dent in his DPS.

Too much hocus pocus!

It should be far more obvious when our debuffs land and actually "do" something.  I don't know what can be done aside from exposing the DPS and Haste mods of a target to the UI.  That would allow the UI modders to show us exactly where a mob was in regards to the upper cap and lower limit of debuffs.

143 DPS mod is still above the cap; but I think I made a wrong assumption about DPS mod < 0

I'll have to verufy how it works later...

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