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Paikis wrote:

Enoe wrote:

Paikis i dont zerg so i dont know about pot and kettle stuff.

I just get a grp of 6 - zone kp X start fighting - after 10-20 min fight and 50-70 kills we win or die.

Zone moors pick writ - (jeez still dont know why since even my 73 necro has tokens for full pvp gear and im afraid when i get to 80 with it i will have full raid set so tokens will be useless anyway) - zone to other KP again 10-20 min fight and so on - session  last for 2 h untill we r bored with crushes or lag.

We zone to kp and we r zerged by freeps not otherwise

The thing you need to remember is that while you may not consider what you're doing as zerging, someone else will. Ive been accused of zerging after taking a rez, I've been accused of zerging after sitting in immunity with my group until our sickness is gone and then going out. Heck, Ive been called a zergling after calling home to get another writ.I remember you zerging back on Venekor (long time ago) You might not have thought it was zerging, but your group was back and fighting mine within minutes of us stomping you. And then you came back again. 3 times we killed your group before you finally gave up.

But thats not the point, just stop the holier-than-thou talk. Everything you're accusing Freeps of doing, I watch Qs do all day long. Wether you personally do it or not is irrelevant, because you'd be the only one if you didnt, and you HAVE done it in the past.

Long time ago i might be a scrub SMILEY

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