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Fyreflyte wrote:

Mogrim wrote:

Conceptually what I think is happening here is the quest shifting the dynamic layout of what the player sees. If the quest fails before turn in, but AFTER the scouts were "rescued" the first time, it seems to no longer let the player see the scouts. It may be helpful to have the quest programmed in such a way that upon talking with Ely Havensaft, the injured scouts are spawned?

Are you getting stuck on the "Escort the injured scout back to camp" step somehow? Like is the timer not counting down?

What happened is thus:First time I attempted the quest, I got to the part of escorting the scout back. Immediately upon telling him to follow me, he engaged and encounter locked something far too big for him to chew and died. Upon this, I have not been able to ever see the scouts again. Deleting and re-adding quest did not work, uninstalling and re-downloading Beta did not work. Whatever made the scouts disappear upon getting as far into the quest as I did has prevented me from ever seeing them again, even though I was not able to complete the quest.

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