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92 single down arrow mobs should not have that much health lol. Even Elemental Blast and Soulburn do very little damage most times to these mobs.

Hakdagutz 92 Guardian/92 Weaponsmith

Sucha 92 Conjuror/92 Sage

Mrshal 92 Monk/92 Carpenter

Bloodwingg 92 Necromancer/92 Tailor

Tior 92 Warlock/92 Provisioner

Holyer 92 Paladin/92 Armoror

Grogg 90 Berserker/92 Alchemist

Etat 90 Bruiser/92 Jeweler

Dawizz 90 Wizard/92 Woodworker

Punting 90 Brigand

Kountdracula 90 Dirge

Omgiman 92 Warden

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