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Lacrymosa_Mourningstar wrote:

Ok, I'm very new to the forums and am virtually clueless when it comes to this techie stuff, but I have been a long time EQ player since 2001 and can honestly say I have not had this problem before. On June 26, 2012 I had been playing the game when, after loging out for a break  and then abck in, my launcher downloaded some files (later research told me that Hotfix of same day and date was implemented). Upon entering the game at this point I was so laggy I couldn't move with the green FPS display showing as 4 from its usual 30-50 range if I remember right. My husband's computer, somewhat older and not as good as mine was runing the game normally. Just prior to the hotfix I too was running the game normally and am so close to 85 and my fiery pegsasus I could scream now! ;P

I submitted a ticket online and waited for a reply but did not get one. On June 27th, the next day, I found that I could now move about the game environment for 3 minutes until 2 minutes worth of severe lag kicked in. I managed to get my gaming fix throughout the day suffering that until it became too much even for my extreme patience. But I issued an update to my ticket stating the now-new ability to move but with repeated lag severity.

I still had not heard anything from tech support by June 28th and joined the tech chat function online for some type of help. A nice TSR named Timothy tried to help me by having me ensure the "full download" box was check and the files were validated. This did not help. He then had me reboot and remove my character specific files; the default, recent, and eq2 .ini files; and the cache folder. Neither of these helped and, with tech chat being closed, I updated the ticket. At this time I recieved two e-mail responses form tech support asking me to contact them within 72 hours or they'd assume my issue is resolved. The reason for two was because TSR Timothy opened a new ticket number, so now I have two ticket numbers awaiting action by Tech Support. Additionally, on June 28th I was unable to play on this computer at all as the lag returned in full force and prevented even 3 minutes of movement like I had the day before.

Again, tech chat is closed so I kept scouring the forums. Others with similar issues apparently are being caused by the launcher streaming data, but I do not think this is my issue as Timothy tried to resolve that with teh above fix. Additionally, in his game options, my husband has the option to turn on/off streaming whereas I do not have that tab at all.

So I am at a total loss and ready to scrap eq altogether, just walk away from my hard earned character. Fixes my husband and I have tried are as follows and were shots in the dark trying to troubleshoot the issue:

-Replaced router cables

-reset router and swapped router

-removed all .vpk files and bypassed launcher (read this was the cause of similar issues in the past :/ )

-Uninstalled from the launcher and reinstalled assets from the launcher

-rebooted and revalidated numerous times

-set performance in-game to extreme with all either shut off or moved all the way to the left

-cleaned up disk and defragged

-bypassed launcher

-pulled out hair, screamed, cried, cursed...>

Ok, so sorry for the long post but I wanted to be thorough. It would be nice to know if anyone else is having the same issue, unrelated to graphics and streaming (these were not issues for me prior to the June 26, 2012 Hotfix update), and if anyone knows of any fixes. I cannot stress enough that this has occurred only after the hotfix and must be a file or some such thing that doesn't like my computer - otherwise - it is an occurence of such massively rare coincidence inho. I'm even willing to find out what files were adjusted for that hotfix so that I could just remove them altogether. I love what they did to Darklight but would rather be able to play the game then not be able to enjoy the new eye candies of Darklight.

Thanks again in advance.

Hello Lacrymosa! I apologize for the late response. Were you able to resolve your lagging isuses ? Please pm me or TSR SeanF your ticket reference number so we can look into the matter.

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