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Okay so tanks MIGHT keep top raid AoM gear, but probably not.

New stat layouts are one thing, if part of the 'new gear' setup is to COMPLETELY outmode everything you ever had with the most common stuff, including the new preview gear, i'm sure the reaction would have been different.

People have beta tested raid zones. Not hard to look at the content and the 'beta buff' and a make a basic comparisons.

What? The problem isn't that AoM stuff isn't powerful enough to do solos, its that everything you trip over is a massive upgrade completely marginalizing the previous work done to earn the gear to a comical and unprecedented degree.

People used to mistakenly claim 'why do current content when the xpac is coming out soon' in past xpacs but now its completely true, there is no point in playing live for any upgrades outside of killing avatars and even that is borderline. The only things that might have a chance to survive are ethereals which had a terrible roll out from start to finish. From their terrible RNG drop rate to effects power impacting classes with huge gaps. Itemization is just a constant ever rolling disaster right now. Its entriely likely any GU after the xpac will do the same thing to ToT's itemization.


The 'pre infused' heroic gear should be about equal to current top end raid gear imo. Not current raid gear being dwarfed by literally the first piece of rewarded equipment you come across.

Except history has taught us deafening silence over complaints almost certainly means its not changing. No response = no change. I don't see Caith or anyone else posting a 'don't worry the quest and solo gear is gonna be nerfed a bit' or some such which would instantly calm the masses with a 1~ minute post.
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