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They could take the infusers out of the quest gear etc to make it to where its below the stats of raid gear from AOM to appease the whiners but then again you can just put infusers into it yourself and raise the stats yourself so whats the point.

So far what I have seen is the stats on quest/advanced solo gear are higher but mitigation is lower than AOM raid gear.

Mastercrafted gear is still trash in my opinion why would you wear this anyway? In AOM or even in this new expac it cant be reforged so it doesnt really matter what procs, stats it has on it.

Procs on all quested/advanced solo gear and heroic gear that I have seen so far are the same as TOV/AOM procs. I did see procs on weapons again and wands which was different.

Everyone complained when they put in the Freethinkers fabled zones same type of thing. DBG explained that the gear in those zones were for testing the new gear in this new expac. So now people are like OMG like they didnt forewarn you already.

How is it anyway that anyone can even complain about survivablity or dps or anything in raid zones in the new expac when the raid zones are not even open yet?

I used a beta buffed toon(with horrible yellow gear from AOM), I used my warden with raid gear from AOM and I used my conjurer with mostly AOM Freethinkers gear on to quests etc. I was able to do everything with no problem whatsoever. Most likely you can even skip the quests with last expac raid gear and go straight to doing advanced solos without much issue. I helped someone in an advanced solo with my warden who had nothing but AOM raid gear on and oh wow look not a single problem. I was not beta buffed in any of the zones that I saw to do them my stats did not move from before I zoned to after I zoned.
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