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The point people are missing is that raiders play because they like to raid. Just as some people only play to do house decorating, some raiders play only to raid. (Disclaimer: I raid. I also quest, group, craft, and do interior decorating. But I'm cognizant of those who have less widespread interests.)

The hardcore raiders generally don't want to be forced to do heroic zones, and it feels like a loss when after you have worked and died, and died, and died, and died before FINALLY killing the thing that gives you, say, the best raid forearms -- but then it turns out that the best-in-slot forearms are to be found in Fabled EoF, so you have to find time and people and go grind heroics to get that piece.

A lot of raiders don't like questing much, either. If it's necessary to do some amount of questing to get access to raid zones, they'll do it, but a lot of raiders hate that. They just want to show up on raid night, then enjoy the adrenaline and the fun you get from coordinating with 23 other people to figure out how to kill something that's hard to kill. Raiding is a viscerally different experience than grouping a heroic.

A decked-out raider's gear should be slightly better than the overland gear of the next expansion, and I'd want Fabled heroic gear to be better. And then Tier 1 raid gear should be better than Fabled heroic gear by at least a bit.
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