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That's a good starting point.  I played around with the int line in my defensive spec for a while, but ended up deciding that the extra +defense wasn't worth the large amount of points necessary to go down that line, and wasn't worth giving up a significant amount of dps from the extra casting & reuse speed of the agility line.  If you're trying to go for absolute max avoidance though, then the int line with the +defense is worth trying out.

Here's my current tanking AA spec, for what I believe to be a good compromise between dps & defensive ability.

Sorceror Tree

Warlock Tree

Keep in mind, of course, some of the AA choices I have made may or may not be relevant to you in your situation leveling up. For example, for me, getting Vacuous was critical since it adds an extra 300 hate to the wicked wand's threat proc.

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