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Great write-up. I've been collecting every piece of defensive gear I've been able to find since sometime in early EoF days, so it's good to see other warlocks with the tanking bug too. Raiding warlocks will find some incredible warlock-tank items available to them. In particular, finally getting my hands on The Wicked Wand of Malice charm-slot item has taken my tanking ability to a whole new level. The wicked wand normally procs +1200 threat on every hostile spell, however the Vacuous AA ability will increase this to 1500. That's a 1500 point taunt attached to *every* hostile spell you cast. Needless to say, this opens new doors when it comes to being able to hold aggro. I've found dps is usually about half of normal when in full defensive gear & AA's, but with the wand proc I can now pull entire rooms in CoA and hold solid aggro on all of the mobs for the entire fight using just Upheaval & Cataclysm to trigger the threat proc. Other items I would recommend any raiding warlock with a tanking addiction to keep an eye out for are the two stoneskin items from VP - Dark Robe of Power & Soulshattering Band (the fabled version of the stoneskin proc absorbs 2 hits each time it triggers rather than 1), and also the Supple Dogwood Staff which is a mage-equippable 2-h staff that gives an extra 15% chance to dodge incoming attacks.

With the right gear & AA's, I really believe it's possible for a warlock to tank any zone in the game just as well if not better than many "real" tank classes. I still don't have the dogwood staff & robe of dark power myself yet, but with just my current gear managed to successfully tank RE2 all the way up till the last named the other night. I think I may wait till I get my hands on that staff before trying the final named, but we'll see.

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