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Some comments from in game experience since my last post.  Some has already been said before elsewhere.  If so, it's doubly important, or I wouldn't have repeated it!  (ha!) AAs For warlock tank INT line is virtually useless in my humble opinion. Sure the 3rd level give you defense, but if you went with STR and max'd parry then your avoidance is past 40% already... and that means you're into diminishing returns pretty good already.  So each addition to defense gives less and less additional avoidance.  INT is still useful if you do a lot of pick up groups with tanks of shady ability...  Since I grew up to 80 though, I've discovered the AGI line.  I mainly started with it for dps for raids, but it's much more important overall than I thought in the past.  Faster cast times and especially reuse will serve you well.  Cast times are great for dps in raids, but also for finishing that spell faster before you get interrupted or hit for more damage!  Casting a root faster may be the difference between the mob getting to you and hitting you or stopping just short.  I'll take 12% cast time over 12% crit in STR any day!  Then there is reuse.  That makes your spells come back faster, so things like root are castable again 12% sooner (for example, if the mob breaks root right away).  Your encase is up quicker so you have a stun available to freeze the mob to recast root (that's why you better max that encase AA as well  SMILEY ).  It means your big DD spells like distortion come up faster so you can stick to them more and cast less dots (which break root more).  Warlocks tend to cast pretty quickly but have fairly long long reuse times... we can run low on spells available to cast in raids and such... reuse is a big benefit.  I can't think of any reason not to have the AGI line complete - once you have STA done, that is  SMILEY  In addition, the faster movement does help a little bit when rooting-nuking the harder mobs while solo'ing...  I would still get STR for the parry and then whatever points you have leftover into crit, but I would not get the STR final. So I suggest you get finals in STA and AGI and get STR without final, once you are 70+ and have 70 AA in sorcerer tree.  But WIS gives freehand sorcery, the magical damage refreshing ward, and up to 4% base damage increase (comparable to 12% crit).  The refreshing ward is nice, even though it's only magic damage, because some mobs, even rooted, can cast spell damage on you, this will help mitigate it.  SMILEY  The power reduction is nice, but I skip the WIS line because I find that power isn't normally a problem for me.  For a warlock tank the STR seems more important to get the parry if you are going to skip INT. Some more considerations on the Warlock page: On the warlock page, right now, the war pyre dot AA is semi-worthless.  While it reduces the reuse, this has no impact on damage or dps.  The dps vs. cast time on war pyre is one of the lowest dps spells we have for single target (only better than the bad dissolve line).  This is in comparison to acid that is a superb dps, damage, and low power spell - what a dot should be. And while dissolve is so bad, at least the AA for it gives increase on the damage for when you do cast it anyway (I like to use it on root because it is moderately high direct damage, so less chance of breaking root compared to a dot that has recurring smaller damage - each one has a chance to break root)).  The reuse on encase gives you your stun back faster and distortion is a mainstay of your dps, so I suggest getting the other four AAs max'd and the final and just avoiding War Pyre AAs.  In groups make sure you're casting encase every time it's up as well - that stun means less damage to the tank (no stun on epics so that's not the case in raids). The key though, for any warlock tank, is the refreshing ward on Magi's Shielding AA.  Currently I suggest any startup warlock put the first 10 points into max'ing this out.  This is a total of about 620 points of ward at level 80.  You get half of that every 10 s.  What does this mean?  It's almost like free extra health every 10 s.  If you can root a mob and do no damage, just hold it there for 20 s, You are guaranteed to have this power-free ward back up to max.  Say a mob has beat you down to 10% health and you root it and step away... in 20 s you have an extra effective 10% health in that ward.  Say it breaks and hits you for 620 but you stun, re-root and move away... 20 s later you have that 630 point ward back...  This is one of the keys to warlock soloability and tanking.  The WIS ward works similar, but it's only a little over 200 points of ward, and it only works on magic damage (but I believe it stacks with the Magi's Shield ward).  In groups this heelps your healer out...  On raids you can withstand an extra 10% larger aoe...  Rooting and Nuking On the really hard mobs - including just about all green and up ^^^ heroic names - you'll really want the root and nuke method to take them down.  This includes most single ^ RoK mobs (RoK mobs hit hard!).  I often root even solo mobs, but then I'm not too worried about whether they break or not... I can afford to take some hits from them, but no use taking damage for no reason. Root the mob off the bat to start combat.  If an encounter, use encounter root, but layer the single target root on at least one of the mobs - then when it refreshes, on another.  If you are still fighting when the original encounter root breaks, you can stun a mob that is loose and recast the encounter root...  Usually I can pretty effectively hold 3 mobs rooted between my encounter and single-target roots, a fourth is very rough to keep up.  But I'm a warlock, and hopefully I have the 4th one dead pretty fast, right?  SMILEY While fighting encounters in this method, do not normally cast encounter damage spells, just stick to single target - the reason?  No damage on the extra mobs means no chances for root to break.  And keeping them rooted is the key here...  It depends how hard the mobs are.  In an easy encounter I may root just to keep them off me for a little bit longer, then aoe away.  You must judge (and generally learn the limits the hard way SMILEY ) On single target mobs, just root, cast your debuffs, and then stick to your big damage spells - armageddon (it's a dot, but a dot with very high damage ticks, so it's like several individual big DD spells), distortion, flames of velious, aura (again, a dot, but each tick is around 1k at level 80, high enough for me to allow the chance to break root), encase, and even dissolve.  However, encase is special, it stuns the mob.  I usually save this for when the mob breaks root.  I cast encase to stun it and then re-root. Now, if things start to go wrong, there are times you will just root and do nothing for a while.  If you root and move away, give time for your encase to refresh so you have a stun ready.  Give 20 s or until you see 2 ticks of the magi's ward refreshing to max before you attack again and chance breaking root.  If you get low on health, cast slowly.  Make sure each spell hits and does not break root before you cast another spell - don't chain cast.  Because when root ends, the mob is feared and slowly walks in a random direction for a short time.  This gives you time to recast root.  But if the mob is hit by damage while feared, there is a chance the fear is broken.  Also, after you root, wait for root to become castable again *before* you begin to damage the mob if low on health. Finally, you can stack roots.  If you duo with another class that has root you can both root and if one breaks the other normally holds... just keep casting root if you see yours has dropped.  Similarly, when solo, you can stack your single target and group roots.  The big disadvantages of the group root, however, are that it breaks easier and there is no fear component at the end - the mob comes straight for you.  But if the single target breaks without the group breaking, the group will hold the mob until you can recast the single target. All these little things will help you be successful solo'ing the harder mobs when there is no healer with you.  You will need to root and nuke the tougher mobs.  Being a warlocktank however, you will find you have *much* higher chances of success, and much better survivability, especially when things go wrong.  SMILEY   I know when I was spec'd away from warlocktank, I had to make sure hard mobs stayed completely rooted all the time.  As a warlocktank, I usually end up just tanking it for at least a portion of the fight - just because I can...   SMILEY
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