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Killin101 wrote:
i personally dont see why you guys are complaining about this at all. the choker works fine and is one of the best necks in the game and now......well what do you think is gonna happen to it if they "fix it"? how about complain about things that really matter imo.

 I take it your making your opinion based of your warlock only, which if is the case, because of your slow casting times you will barely notice any kind of effect vs someone whose casting times are 0.5 seconds to 1 second also then take into consideration classes that effect casting speed and reuse timers, not hard for healers to start whining about it and ask you to remove because they heal you more then they do the tank.

 What and how the choker works is not the issue, your right it works fine for increasing damage, the fact that a dev has stated it should NOT be critting is something that needs to be fixed AND the damage inflicted upon yourself does not trigger reactive heals which it should be, especially for those casters with those fast if not almost instant casting times.

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