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Bardagg wrote:


I first want to say that I'm new to EQ2, and I'm absolutely loving it!  I'm just amazed at how absolutely fantastic it is.

Possession is currently a high level spell.  Will the change to Possess Essence include making it available to lower level Coercers? 

I'd like to have the option of either charming or using Possess Essence as a low level Coercer.  Sometimes I want the risk with the reward (charm), and sometimes I'd like to be able to go afk periodically without my pet eating me.  SMILEY<img src=

Bardagg, just sell your soul to get a Master Charm and learn to live the Coercer life on the edge. You don't want to rely on a wimp photocopy of the mob. Grab that big angry mob by its mind and coerce it into obeying you. When it gathers its will and breaks free, dazzle it with bright lights and colors and grab it again by the mind and show it, who is the Coercer and who is the minion.

You want the easy, safe life, be a Necro and play dead when things go bad. When things go bad for a Coercer, we either take control or die. You will do both many, many times on the road to 80. SMILEY

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