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I can sure double post in here, I wrote this guide.

Anyway, Version 2.0 is now released! It now comes with TWO new sections! I'll place in this post the changes and additions I placed on the guide:

Warlock Achievements: Took out that bit about suggesting Aftershocks (...yeah) and my thoughts of placing propagations in (thanks for the Nerf Bat, SOE SMILEY) and put in the only other line I don't have in this guide- the Removals Line. More thoughts on that line will come once I actually use come and use it.

Gear: First placed some general info about the type of gear you want on a warlocktank, and added the entire mastercrafted line into the list of gear, because mastercrafted is really the craze right now. I'd add more individual pieces of gear on the list, but I fear that I'll run out of space to put everything in...

NEW! AN OVERVIEW OF TANKING: Placed in here just some general bits about tanking in Norrath, including how much mobs really hit you for.

NEW! THE ART OF PULLING: Teaching you the fine skills of taking down mobs one pull at a time.

I hope you like the additions I've placed into here, and keep asking questions and giving suggestions, we can't get it done without your support!

THANKS!!!! I thank everyone who posted on this thread for their feedback on this thread, but I will list out some individual thanks here since I didn't think I would have space in the first two posts to fit it:Nitz: For teaching me the entirely new skill of pulling monsters with ConcussiveLightCC: For his extremely constructive post and suggestions about the Removals Line and Mastercrafted Armor

For those who haven't tanked a group yet, DO IT! It's so much fun and so satisfying when you take down the difficult boss mob. Just make sure you let your groupmates in about what you're doing, especially if there's a 'plate tank' in the area.Keep on Tanking!

Battlemage Gilph, of the Legion of Light-Permafrost

"Ah, now that I have myself properly gear and AA-specced, I'm fully prepared to the best warlocktank I can be!"

"But how are you going to manage aggro?"

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