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Specific questions about soloing timelines can be answered with Everquest II Wiki. I highly recommend it, as it is an excellent site to get information on everything quest-related. Here's the site-

I believe I had spent those levels doing all of the Barren Sky quests. All the quests there are easy enough to do, just watch out for quests that require adventurers in the late 60's as those can get a bit testy doing them underleveled. If you haven't started the Claymore series, I highly recommend starting that as soon as you can (I started a bit too late and now I'm too hyped up with RoK to make any progress on it :/). I also recommend taking a whole bunch of writs from a city faction that you like (Arcane Science Mage, baby) and doing those. There is one that involves beating eyegazers, and it's such a snap to do, and you can get a handful of coin selling body (eye?) drops and adept spells. Oh, forgot to mention, do the Hoo'loh's Hat series. It's a blast and can be done without too much annoyance. Once you have all the Barren Sky stuff finished, you can go straight into the Bonemire for more quests. It's just a very well done transition.

I would extremely recommend that you get all the solo quests in KoS and EoF done before you try out RoK. The stuff you do there is so incredible that you will never want to solo in Loping Plains/Barren Sky/Bonemire again. Also, you'll want to maximize as much AA's from KoS and EoF as possible, so ask to join in whatever group fancies you. SoS is first, so get the quests done there, then go into the Nest of the Great Egg (along with the hat quest, of course) and get yourself primed there (don't forget to try and get the legendary piece for the Enspelled Vultak Eye, I don't know what it is at the moment), and after you gain a few levels:

Palace of the Awakened, Vaults in Barren Sky, Den of the Devourer, Mistmoore Catacombs

Then once you start to approach 70:

Crypt of Valdoon, Obeslisk of Blight, Halls of Fate, Kaladim

Then after those, there are even more group spots that should be saved for only those outings where you just want to take on the world. There's just so much group material in KoS and EoF that you should strive to get ever achievement point out there. I know you asked for places to solo, but I'm serious: don't start RoK until you've experienced everything else, because once you go RoK, you won't go back.

As for soloing group instances, I've never done it (except trying to get SoS updates), so I have no idea what to say. The only material that would be green for your level would be stuff like Hidden Cache, Clefts of Rujark and Poet's Palace. I don't think it's worth the effort, but it might be that I just have a great disdain for the Desert of Flames expansion.

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