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again i want to thank you heh. to the greats posts. i went ahead with the tranq dragons breath mc gear wich is such an improvement as well!  the sta/int  plus the extra stats were great. i even wanted to test out my gear and dueled a lvl65 sk. when i was 62(almost 63 nows..) anyway. her gear was good, but i beat her. -grins- i was so surprised. i even resisted her harm touch...-bigger grin- and before i had issues trying to beat and sk my own lvl, or even a couple levels below me. i do have a few questions tho. wich is the best places at 63-say around 65 to solo at? or duo for quests and such. i have been to loping planes and still working there some when i can and working my way thru the TT quests that lead into SoS. is there a list recomended quests for us somewere?oh! also wanted to ask, any soloable instances for around these lvls that i could take on by myself or duoing? that would still be at least grean to me? or not to hard closer to my lvl?
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