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Your reply was well done, very thought out, and exactly the type needed to improve this alternative guide. As much as I know about playing a defensive Warlock, you caught a bit of inexperience from me. My warlock is only level 73, with exactly 100 AA's, so I don't have the luxury of having two complete KoS lines or all of the EoF lines finished. Until I acquire all of the 140 AA's, I will not be able to give full advice on how to use AA's wisely. Also, I have absolutely no knowledge or experience with the Propogations line, and I will require some hard data on how to use that line and how it affects the warlock in order to promote using it. In any regard, I will give in my input about what you said.

First of all, we need to be realistic about the warlock's "tanking" abilities. Even with the full mitigation from the STA line, Warlocks are only at about leather level, and without any proper heals, heroic mobs will paste a warlock in seconds- Manashield buys some time but only a couple of hits will wipe the shield out. In heroic groups, a warlock tanking is really only good for taking aggro from the healer and buying enough time so the real tank can peel it back. So in grouping, deaggros are a very nice tool to have because you cannot tank a dangerous mob for long.

Now for your recommendation of AGI/STR/WIS. Why are we taking down the STA line? Even if we are gaining some DPS from using this line, why would we disregard the mitigation increase and the skill boost for it? Honestly, I really don't see anything in the AGI or the WIS line before the fourth abilities that would make these lines worth using. It's all about making every AA point matter. The STR line has the 8% uncontested parry and the increase in critical hits, and since you'll be using at least 16 points on reaching the parry alone, having the guaranteed critical is worth an endline ability. And as you have read, I only recommended the INT line up to the increase in Defense, which does improve the chances to avoid an attack (40% is really not bad at all)

After looking at Propogations, however, I have absolutely no argument against that. I just have the lack of information needed to realize how good the line really is. I originally thought that Propogations was a raid-only option, considering how many procs a raid has. Now seeing all the sides to it, I will place this over Aftershocks in my guide; I just need the data about how much propogations increases the chances of everything proccing and what this translates into concerning on a -per fight- basis.

School is going to take up a lot of my time now, so I will have little chance to pull off a lot of research myself, so recommendations are really wanted here. I will try to get to everyone's replies as soon as I can to give my feedback and take in any requests. Any gear from 73-80 as well as more healing proc gear will really be appreciated (I know we have LootDB, but the searching is much more exhaustive than having people speak from experience). 

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