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This isn't a guide for tanks about how to deal with the warlock's aggro issues. No, this is a guide about how warlocks can take on enemies toe to toe without needing an instant Rescue to survive. Now, why would any Warlock want to do this? Usually only a few more hits will end up finishing the warlock, and you will be sacrificing a bit of DPS to become a bit more durable. So let's ask, who wants to be a Warlocktank?

- The soloing/doing Warlock: Basically, anyone who doesn't mind having a non-optimal DPS in raid situations. If you spend most of your time alone or with another person, the warlocktank method may be the way to go.

- The mega-squishy: Having loads of power and spell damage means nothing when you're dead. If you hate how enemies paste you every time aggro slips into your hands, then maybe you may want to consider this.

- The PvP Warlock: Player vs Player takes survival to an entirely new element. Most players have abilities that can wipe the floor with Warlocks, and most of them will be surprised to see you still standing, until you deliver the finishing blow first.

- The deeply concerned player: Yeah, death is essentially meaningless now, not that I want anything changed with it. However, many people still care about their characters, and they don't want to die. This method will surely help anyone out with a few tricks to keep themselves alive.

If you are one of these people, or maybe you just want to find out how to be an effective soloer/tank/survivor, etc. Behold the guide of the Warlocktank.

TANKING: AN OVERVIEW The purpose of taking the Warlocktank route is to raise your mitigation and defenses high enough so that you can continue to pour your DPS into your opponent while preventing the monster from taking out giant pieces of your health. As in the case of battling any monster, you want to know how much damage they are capable of so you can compare yourself and find out if you are capable of taking them out. I will provide you with a list of ranges of unmitigated damage (shown from absorbed stoneskin attacks) that different mobs hit for [Taken from level 72-74 range on a level 75 warlock]:

Solo pre-ROK mobs: Weaksauce (Seriously, once you hit ROK and get some quest gear, these mobs are a cakewalk)Solo ROK mobs: 900's-1200'sHeroic pre-ROK mobs: 1700's-2200'sHeroic ROK mobs: 3500's-4000's

What this means, unfortunately, is that warlocks will not be able to tank ROK dungeons any time soon. Seriously, don't try it. Real tanks have enough problems with these mobs as it is, a good warlocktank might last 3-4 hits before keeling over. Take your warlock any other place, however, and with the right group, you can handle leading any group material. You're going to need a lot of practice before trying anything like this, though, so I am going to give you some hints about the physical progression that is tanking:

THE ART OF PULLING: Pulling is the act of grabbing a monster's attention so that you can beat on it with any method you please. On an open field, it can simply be a matter of casting a few spells and weakening it significantly before it comes to you. Unfortunately, monsters like to help the comrade that's getting beat upon, so in most cases, you need to be extremely careful in the way you provoke a monster so that you don't bring along unexpected company. Here are some methods in which you can pull monsters safely and reliably:

Body Pulling:This isn't just limited to those pearly guys in plate armor. Now that you have the right defenses to call yourself a warlocktank, you can engage in peeling monsters off with nothing but your presence. The key to body pulling is to get close enough to the mob that one of them will get ready to attack you (the way to note this is either its head turning towards you or its body shaping into attack mode), and then back away to make sure that only that mob is ready to fight. Once you get back far enough, fire away with your damage spells until you finish off the mob, then move up and start the process all over again. There are two main things you want to keep an eye out for when body pulling:          1) WATCH YOUR SPACING! If it means walking one inch at a time, then by all means, do it. Especially when you're fighting heroic mobs in a dungeon, keeping sure that you're fighting one encounter at a time could often make the difference between life and death. Spacing is critical to your survival as a tank.          2) Make sure you back away carefully. Not only does this ensure that you indeed are fighting only one encounter, but this means that you can freely cast your spells without the danger of monsters aggroing from the surrounding area. Again, your body can only handle so many hits, make sure they're only coming from one source!While on the topic of body pulling, now is the time to bring up another feature of body pulling that you can use.

Invisi-Body Pulling:Most often, it is mobs of the scout archetype that can see through your invisibility; the other mobs will simply stand there, watching you threateningly. This can bring some problems, such as a random mob in a pasture will see through your invis and attack you while you are standing near other mobs who could not see you before. In dungeons or associated mob camps, usually the sentries or other roamers will be the main mobs that can see you and attack you on sight. Invisi-Body Pulling requires a new set of guidelines to fit with those outstanding from the regular body pulling segment:          1) If two mobs are cluttered together, and one can see through your invisibility and the other cannot; make yourself invisible, get the attention of the mob that can see you, and run like heck away from the other mob. As long as you aren't right next to the assaulting mob, you should keep your invisibility until you get away from the other mob enough that you won't get attacked by that one as well.          2) LET ROAMERS COME TO YOU! Especially when there are other monsters in the vicinity. Survival is all about proper placement- place yourself in a spot where you know other mobs won't get to you, and just stand there and let the unintelligent mob pathing system bring the roamer to you. You want to fight on your terms as much as possible, and after you defeat the roamer, just cast your invisibility on the spot and continue on your path unharmed.

There is a third type of pulling that can bring monster's attention toward you and can be used with some degree of safety:Concussive Pulling:This is using the spell Concussive to pull a monster into you. What is it about this spell that makes it able to cast and pull? This spell is a complete deaggro, it does nothing else to the mob. As long as the mob is not damaged in any way, it will not call for help and send surrounding monsters into you. This spell is indispensible in dungeons, where you want to peel a specific mob out of a group of monsters and body pulling is too dangerous. There is one MAJOR warning about using this ability: This spell, like any other hostile spell, has a chance to proc damage from an effect that you are wearing. If you have any of these pieces of armor (and ROK has a shedful of them) and it procs on Concussive, then it is treated like a regular spell and you may get social agro. I'll repeat: Have this spell proc when you pull with it and you may be screwed!

There are endless amounts of situations where you have to decide how to bring a monster toward you while keeping yourself safe from adds. All it takes is a combination of quick thinking, awareness to surroundings, and proper use of warlock abilities and you can walk away from almost any situation without any unplanned surprises. I may have been talking about confronting the mob face-to-face, but remember, there is nothing wrong with rooting and nuking. In fact, with the extra protection to help you when the root breaks, rooting and nuking is made safer by traveling the warlocktank journey. Just follow the basic rules of rooting and nuking (No damage over time spells, watch the surrounding area, apply both roots if necessary) and you can take on monsters other classes can only wish they can solo. To give one last bit of advice on this matter, keep your maintained spells window up with Alt+M, this is crucial as it tells you how long every spell will remain on your mob, especially roots and the fear effect it causes when it breaks. When you see the root change into fear, cancel your spell, stun the mob or just press the root button as fast as possible!

Now that we all know how to fight like a warlocktank, let's venture into what you have to do to make yourself a warlocktank.

Battlemage Gilph, of the Legion of Light-Permafrost

"Ah, now that I have myself properly gear and AA-specced, I'm fully prepared to the best warlocktank I can be!"

"But how are you going to manage aggro?"

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