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Do our pets get spell autoattack too? Does anyone know?

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I doubt our pets will spell autoattack,  which is fine.  We're getting as much spell autoattack on our player character as most anyone since spells don't have to be timed with it.   Giving it to the pet as well would in fact be double benefit and would probably really annoy some sorcerers.

What Arieva said. They don't exactly need it either.

I don't care if the pet spell Auto only does 1 damage per swing.  It would at least keep them at max range and stop them from coming in and taking melee swings (and in some instances getting riposte and dying instantly).

Oh man, good point, sad but true.

Actually I take that back!  No way!  Not a valid point!  You are makign a huge assumption here:

--that the pet can even get to the mob in the first place, and doesn't simply stand out of line of site frozen, or give a "you cannot order your pet to attack that target" message!

Hmmm, as a Necromancer I raid all the time, well the first 3 mobs in Kraytoc's and the first mob in the Kael zones, but I usually summon the  Warlock pet once a night at the start of the raid and use /pet ranged and Bloodpact.  With /pet ranged the pet never tries to commit suicide and is usually killed when the aggro is stripped by the large value life tap they have.  As for Bloodpact every necromancer can get that and as long as you manage your power and health it will stay up indeffinately. 

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