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Autheas wrote:

I believe it was mentioned that you can do exactly what you used to do with AA by splitting between the trees once you get to lvl 94 and 20% (40%?) to 95... it will mean that you have to give up one of the other options on the bottom but you can still do it, just have to wait until longer...

at 95 you can get both new abilities, you just can't get all the upgrades for those abilities, don't think you can get much of the center ones either.

AA points for classes in the past never had much of a choice. There was the best choice and everything else. then eventually you had access to so many points you could get every remotely good choice and then some. What EQ2 had was the 'illusion' of choice and usually when splitting a lot was the best option, its the opposite of the what the designers intended.

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