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Scouts and fighters have been complaining about the unfairness of brawler mobs since the game came out almost.  Pointing out how they get screwed over but a brawler having no effect on mages.  It's annoying to say it but SOE just doesn't care about screwing over scouts and fighters.

Mages on the other hand got one zone back in the day (Shard of Hate) with crazy high resist rates and all the mages had fits over it.  How their DPS was down because of it and scouts / fighters weren't effected.  They never did go back and change it to help in that zone.  But they also never made zones since that have mobs with high resist rates to screw mage dps like brawler mobs constinue to screw scouts and fighters.

IDK maybe we don't cry and complain as well as the mages did.

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